Take this brochure.

Bart'll help.

I'll see you tonight.

Since it is the oval track, the distance between the planets and the sun differs at times.

Shean invited Alfred to a party at the country club.

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No one will vote for the budget.

He attended the meeting in my place.

Juan has been helping me get ready for my trip.


What he said embarrassed me.

Get your ass back to work.

Why don't you want to come to the cinema with me?

My boyfriend doesn't love me.

I don't have time to deal with this right now.

The library is open to the public.

The hotel lobby boasts a beautiful, crystal chandelier from the 1920s.

Only madmen aren't afraid of dying.

Vassily brought his watch to the watchmaker.

I have to do my job.

You need to get some exercise.

I still wake up early.

Where have you two been?

It's a shame that the singer died so young.

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

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You're sure about this, right?

I lived next door to Tollefsen three years ago.

Take me with you.

No one dares to contradict his employer for fear of being fired.

Well, I think it's interesting.

I think you've been dating Ira too long.

It's bad manners to point at people.


I made an ass of him.

Some people think there's some kind of mystical relationship with people having the same first name.

I think it's unlikely that the police will find Ravindran.


Don't say shit.

Man's skin is very sensitive to temperature changes.

We had a great evening yesterday with my brothers and my friends, and the barbecue was very good, too.


Aren't you going to dance with Uri?

I've never heard her complain.

I love the way you hold me.

Digits are to numbers what letters are to words.

There are a thousand meters in a kilometer.

I'm not yelling.

It's not normally like this.

I spend a lot of time on the phone.

I love my iPod.


He applied himself to his study, without thought for his normal life.

Holly saw that Curt was fast asleep in the hammock.

Tait needed to store his stuff somewhere, so I told him he could put it in our garage.

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I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.

Not everyone is as considerate as you.

He was no match for a lawyer.

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These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?

I've read hundreds of books.

I didn't mean anything by it.

Mongo has been studying hard, hasn't he?

Yesterday I listened to a very beautiful song.


Can you read this without your glasses?

Just tell me to leave and I'll leave.

Japanese is my native language.

Never trust a stranger.

My parents told me to honor my elders.

Major didn't realize he had his sweater on inside out.

Sergiu was my friend.

Click the OK button.

Why are you so disappointed?


We picked a hitchhiker up on the way to Boston.

I'm not a hundred percent sure.

I feel much better today.

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She has no more than twelve cubs.

I think Wolf is good-looking.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.


The function of the press is to provide the common people with facts.

My brain is being crushed.

I ran after him with a pile of papers that he'd left behind.

I think this dictionary useful for beginners.

He is little, if at all inferior to you.


It grew cold as the sun went down.


Jesus drove the money-changers out of the temple.

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I think Pedro was lying to us.


I arrived home, thoroughly worn out, after getting lost in the mountain paths.

There was a smash-up out on Route 66 today.

Sister, don't let this patient out of your sight.

I wasn't really in the mood.

Ofer handed Griff the brochures.

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Do you think Eli really did it?


I did my military service in Ankara.

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"Are you nervous?" "A little bit."


I knew I was making mistakes.

Please say you're kidding.

I'm not sure if that's a good idea.


It was a warm day.

He is sure to be cut from the team.

Stephe has been put in jail.

I want to know when Root will be back.

There is as much water left in this bottle as in that one.

Toerless has a funny way of saying things.

I demanded that he pay the bill immediately.


I need to speak with Gunnar right now.

We had to call in social services. This was obviously a case of child neglect.

I'm powerless.


Robin Hood robbed the rich.

She has many faults.

I think we spoke on the phone.


Can I wait for Wendell here?


The cat is licking the candle stand out of love for the candle.

The seal kept its balance well on the large ball.

From this point on, the story becomes so twisted and grotesque that I can't stop reading it anymore.

Personal life of Larry Ewing was shared in a website.

Did you try this key?

Collin can't believe what's happening.

Chris knew there wasn't much he could do about it.

Would you come to my quarters?

I want her fired.


Herb has only one option left.

I haven't talked to Beverly in almost a year.

After years of suffering, she finally decided to forget the past and begin a new life.

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How much does an egg cost?

I'll let him know you called.

This has nothing to do with what we were talking about.

Ronni doesn't need to make that decision now.

I need a lawyer who can speak French.

There are exceptions.

There are two things you must remember them is you can't make women frightened,and don't waste good wine.

My earwax got very hard.

The man who I thought was his father proved to be a perfect stranger.


She seemed okay when I saw her.

Is it simple enough?

Why do you say that he's stupid?


Julie was expelled from school.

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I defended the republic as a young man, I shall not desert it in my old age.

The crowd roared again.

In another paragraph, he put in a comma.

Deb is a remarkable girl.

She said that?

Money cannot buy happiness.

This cloth tears easily.


No gave me a really cool gift.


Isaac decided to stay.

We've been spotted.

I like swimming very much.

Ricky doesn't know my name.

What effect did the doctor say this medicine has on people?

He's rich enough to buy two cars.

My dream is to travel in a space shuttle.

I won't lie about it.

I don't blame her for that.

All the other boys laughed at him.

When I visited my hometown this summer, I found the city different from what it had been ten years ago.


If you'd stop telling me not to be nervous, I probably wouldn't be so nervous.

There's nothing wrong with it.

If one plays good music, people don't listen and if one plays bad music people don't talk.

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You've gone too far.

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It has just struck eight, hasn't it?

I respect you for what you have done.

Can you keep a secret?


One has to do one's best in anything.


New York is sometimes referred to as the melting pot of races.

Marsha says he'll never go back to Boston.

I thought you had somewhere else to be.


Colm is the person I thought I saw.